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Urban Oasis - Helvetia House

A walk through with Andrew Maynard and Kevin Hui of the Helvetia House by Austin Maynard Architects. A home with an urban oasis in the heart of Fitzroy, Melbourne.

Project Details

This double storey Victorian terrace in Fitzroy had undergone serveral transformations throughout its lifetime. During the 1960’s it was separated into two dwellings and operated as a boarding house. A subsequent rennovation and extension in the 1980’s left it as two apartments with a series of dark disconnected rooms.


Maintaining the existing footprint and exterior façade, the entire house was largely stripped and rebuilt from the inside. Extensive structural works were required to facilitate the removal of two rooms in the centre of the house to create a double height atrium, now the centrepiece of this family home.  

A cleverly designed screen takes the form of the original facade and hides this urban oasis from passers by on the street, while allowing sunlight to pour into the house and the owners to enjoy views out to Fiztroy and beyond.

Architect: Austin Maynard Architects

Photography: Derek Swalwall

Weiss Builders were able to establish rapport and trust with both AMA and us as clients through good communication, the quality of their work, and a depth of experience that was maintained regardless of circumstances to get the job done.
- Hilton & Vaan -

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