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Weiss Builders are specialist contractors to architects and have an excellent reputation for delivering projects to the highest quality standards.

Our Story

Our Story

Since our inception in 2004 Weiss Builders have developed a focus on architectural residential building. Committed to construction quality, we are dedicated to delivering homes of architectural vision and endurance. 


Weiss Builders understand the effort needed to create a new home and believe that the construction phase should be a pleasurable part of this journey. Engaging in a consultative and transparent management style, and backed by an experienced administration and planning team, we employ advanced construction techniques to bring the architects vision to life.

On site we exercise environmentally responsible practices where possible to ensure unnecessary waste is avoided and that methods, systems and equipment used protect our water ways and air. We are experienced working in inner urban areas with difficult access that require well-resolved construction management planning. 


On site challenges and changes are carefully managed using strong technical resolution skills. Weiss Builders aim to provide the best information possible for sound decision making and optimal outcomes. We can be involved early in project development to provide sketch estimates as well as assisting in the design and prototyping of special construction elements.


Weiss Builders take the time to thoroughly analyse your plans to gain an intimate understanding of your project. We are proficient in both competitive tenders and comprehensive open book costings.

As your new home settles comfortably on the ground, patina and gardens grow, and memories are made, remember that Weiss Builders knows your home and will always welcome ongoing connection.


Christopher Weiss, founder and director of Weiss Builders, has a background in industrial design, manufacturing and project management. Chris maintains a strong connection between clients, the architect and our construction team. This ensures all parties are kept informed, change is well managed and projects are delivered as promised.


Jarrod Weiss, Construction Manager, has a proven track record of quality workmanship and problem solving skills. Drawing on years of experience in building and construction Jarrod is able to see how the project should come together from the foundations right down to the most intricate finishing details. This foresighted approach ensures a smoother building experience and a high quality result.

We pride ourselves on being solutions based builders, and offer well developed problem-solving and communication skills.



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Skilled in constructing complex structures where the architect’s vision is our vision. We understand materials and how to create the seamless integration of design elements to craft beautiful and enduring homes.



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